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Rola Spikes

We use these Rola Spikes in our first line of Defense against intruders. Our Spikes are neat but dangerous.
Very successful solution for perimeter Security. These ant-climb Spikes provide a physical barrier against intruders. You have no maintenance or electricity bills to pay month end so this is a once of payment for awesome Security.
These Spikes are manufactured from tough glass fibre-reinforced polyamide that has been UV stabilized. The same compound is used to manufacture the tough exterior parts of motor vehicles and trucks. These quality spikes are extremely sharp and rotate on galvanized round tubing. Each individual “star” has 6 spikes and they rotate when touched to make it virtually impossible for potential intruders to grab on to and climb over perimeter walls, fences, gates ETC.
Rolla Spikes are made to international quality standards that is ISO/TS 16949 Registered.
Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations or non- Rola spikes! More and more reports in Cape Town and surrounds utilising the use of cheap metal spikes is proving to be ineffective.

These Spikes fits all walls and there are various colours available.
Colours available: Black / White / Ice Coffe
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