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Security Services

Why are security services important?

Crime is a profitable business in South Africa. Sadly, South Africa has become a fertile ground for criminal activity and ever increasingly violent. Very little respect for life seems to exist since on average *47 people are willfully murdered per day. Forced entry, rape, bodily harm and attempted murder, torture, high jacking and other anti-social phenomenon are also common in our country.


Thats where we come in. We Come to your home or business and inspect your specific situation and advise you on how you can keep your home or business safe and sound. We Offer various amount of Security devices for homes and business Installations, Security cameras, Safe Rooms, Safes, Alarm Systems, intercom systems and Slam lock Gates for your gates and windows. Contact us for more Infomation.

*2014 Statistics

An ever increasing violent South Africa is forcing its citizens to take extra care when it comes to the safety of their loved ones and of their possessions. The focus has shifted lately on ‘prevention’, rather than relying on ‘insurance’ as in the past. In reality it is not a matter of ‘if’ your premises will be a target, it is simply a matter of ‘when’.
The Eye of Horus provides expert security services and advice to suit your unique needs.

security services

Typical Criminal Behaviour

Criminals drive at night in your area and use "Runners" to identify potential houses to break into.  Some properties have little or limited security and therefore are easier to break into than others.  Criminals will always first move on the easier targets. Ensure that your property is a safe haven for your family and loved ones. Make sure that your property will appear far too much effort to try and bridge.

Our Services

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Security Cameras Installation

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Safety Slam lock Gates installation

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Fingerprint Systems Installation

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Motion Detection Alarm Systems Installation

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safe Installation

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Guide to Safety Groups

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Dog Training classes

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Gun Licensing

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Self Defense classes

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Safe Room Construction

All Quotes are free but require a driver to come and inspect your home or business premises

We help you to start Safety Groups or neighbourhood watch in your area

Armed response proved to be an awesome security measure but it’s also good to start your own safety groups as well in your residential area. Burglars take 3 minutes to force entry and pick selected valuables in their raid. Criminals investigate and test the response time of armed response in your area so armed Response together with safety groups woks much better. We encourage and assist you to also start your own safety groups in your residential areas.


It takes 3 minutes for a burglar to get in and out of your premises with your precious goods. This is where we come in. We make it difficult and time consuming for them to get entry into your residence so that they rather prefer not to break-in to your residence. We also help you to keep your love ones safe when they try to enter your premises through different security measures you can take. Be prepared for those criminals !

security services
security services

Have your own secure place in your house

We construct many different types of interior and exterior Safe Rooms.  Safe Rooms are unique to every individual’s needs. We can build basic safe rooms, strengthened rooms in which to hide until help arrives, and  highly secure, more comfortable safe rooms in case of a natural disaster or unrest that may take days to quiet down.

Dog Training Classes and Where to Buy Your Dog

Trust and loyalty is a very important aspect of our Company and we will gladly advise you where to buy and train a dog.

security services
security services

Self Defense Classes and Fire Arms

We offer Self Defense classes in the comfort of your own home. We also gladly assist you with Fire arms licence applications or feel free to contact us for expert advice.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

If there is a Service or Product that you are looking for that you don’t see on our website, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to look into it for you. Mail us now

Want a Quote or Security Advice?

Contact us for assistance. We have Expert Security Advisors that will do a personal site visit to analyse your unique safety needs and offer advice in how to maximise your house or work security. Leave us a message in which Product or Services you are interested  in together with your contact details and a Security adviser will contact you soon to discuss where and when to meet at your convenience for a free demonstration of our products line or to talk about the services we provide. We come to you so that we can assist you properly in your needs.