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The Eye of Horus: Our History

The Director of The Eye of Horus Security has worked in unstable and unsafe African Countries for over a decade. He personally experienced hijackings, armed robberies, smash-and-grab and all the various break in techniques 'in the book'. At first his team fell prey to criminals everywhere, but soon they managed to get everything under control and secured their and their belongings' safety. In the past ... years they did not fall victim once, despite countless attempts to rob.


Crime in South Africa has become a profession. The successful criminals are educated and intelligent. Int their quest for easy money it is only important to raid and secure a prize. No rules. Life is cheap and children, the elderly and sick are easy prey. Professional criminals train young, under age apprentices since the law protects them and subsequently the cycle continues. Many of the criminals are in fact employed in the security industry and know how to disarm security systems and open locks. They may also have access to a client's personal information. At The Eye of Horus we are only a few employees and naturally your private information remains privilege only to a select few.

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The choice is clear: Either emigrate to seemingly greener pastures or stay exactly where you are. If you decide to remain in this beautiful country, it is your responsibility to create a safe and secure environment for those that you love. Be pro-active and maximize your security and enjoy peace of mind. Sadly, many people only wake up once they fall victim to violent crime and end up blaming themselves for not taking the appropriate precautions.

The “Eye of Horus” has its origin in ancient Egypt and it has become a popular modern symbol of protection, safety, power and health. The symbol has no religious or political connotations; it is purely a striking and memorable image to identify our alert company of “always keeping an eye on things”. We own the Logo in South Africa under Security and Entertainment.

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